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Looking to feel your best after 50?
Reclaim your energy, manage stress, and achieve natural weight loss through a holistic approach.

Get Your Free Zesty Tool Box

Full of three booklets of great tips to enhance your weight loss journey

Get Your Gift Tip Sheets

Enter your email address and we'll keep you updated with our articles about healthy weight,
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Kickstart your weight loss journey with 3 FREE inspirational booklets chock-full of infographics and valuable tips!

Reignite Your Zest for Life: A Natural Approach to Weight Loss and Well-being After 50

Do you long to feel that youthful spark again? To wake up with boundless energy, embrace your body with confidence, and conquer your bucket list with unwavering zest?

 As a holistic weight loss coach for women over 50, I understand the unique challenges you face. But here's the good news: natural weight loss goes far beyond just shedding pounds. It's about nurturing a vibrant mind, body, and spirit – the cornerstone of true, lasting well-being.

This exclusive giveaway offers three essential guides designed to reignite your zest for life:

  • Get Up with More Energy: Discover natural strategies to combat fatigue, up your metabolism  and awaken your inner power, all without relying on harsh stimulants.
  • Get Dressed Loving Your Body: Learn to embrace your unique shape and cultivate self-love, fostering a positive relationship with your physical form.
  • Get Out to Rock Your Bucket List: Unleash your adventurous spirit and equip yourself with tips to tackle those long-held dreams with newfound confidence and vitality.

These guides aren't about quick fixes or fad diets. They'll empower you to harness the natural potential within you, fostering a holistic approach to weight loss that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. It's time to reclaim your zest for life and step into a future filled with vibrant health and joyful experiences. Are you ready?

" When one woman has discovered the fountain of zest, she has no right to keep it to herself" … Sharon North Pohl

Treasure Map To The Fountain Of Zest

I finally Cracked the Yo-Yo Code at 74: From Exhaustion to Zest – Your Transformation Starts Now!

Do you feel like you've poured your heart into life – raised kids, cared for loved ones – only to find yourself feeling anxious, confused, and unsure of who you are now?

 Are fatigue, weight gain, and hot flashes draining your energy and confidence? Are you feeling frustrated that your clothes don't fit?  Not feeling sexy? Does the spark of zest and self-love seem lost?

You're not alone. As a 74-year-old woman, I faced those same challenges. Years of giving myself away left me feeling depleted, frustrated, and disconnected from my true self. But guess what? I cracked the code!

This isn't just a weight loss story; it's a story of transformation. I discovered that sustainable change wasn't about deprivation or punishment, but about creating a holistic, natural, healthy, balanced lifestyle that nourishes mind, body, and spirit

And it wasn't just about  the yo-yo diets I conquered a few years ago,  but I fought back from  a much bigger challenge; a life-threatening illness, proving that true strength and resilience come from within. 

Sharon North Pohl
"Courageous Mentor of Possibility"

"Give yourself permission to be zesty"


After 2 weeks on life support in a coma and 2 months in the hospital, my health care providers say my full recovery was a miracle. They believe this was possible only because of my healthy lifestyle and reserves mind,  body and spirit that I had built up over the past 10 + years that saved my life ! 

That's why I created the Zesty Toolbox, a system born from my triumphant journey. It's not just about losing weight; it's about rediscovering your Zest – your confidence, energy, and passion for life. Through personalized coaching and powerful tools, I'll guide you on the path to reclaiming your inner spark.

Are you ready to:

  • Ditch the exhaustion and rediscover your energy?
  • Say goodbye to weight gain and embrace a healthy, vibrant you?
  • Wave goodbye to frustration and hello to self-confidence?
  • Reignite your inner Zest and feel sexy, alive, and connected again?
  • It's your time to shine! Join me in the Zesty Toolbox Movement and unlock the transformation waiting within. Remember, it's never too late to create a life you love, filled with vitality, well-being, and unstoppable Zest! Discover what holistic weight loss and natural eating is all about

What is holistic weight loss :

Natural, holistic  weight loss is an empowering journey that transcends the numbers on a scale.  It's about  the whole you. It is adopting a sustainable lifestyle that prioritizes nourishing your body with wholesome foods, regular physical activity, and adequate rest. It is a plan that create good habits, while safeguarding your health. 

What my people are saying:

Connecting with Sharon was a life changer for me. Her program helped me to live full out again. She gave me the strength to come out on top of a contentious divorce, and  take my body confidence back. Today I feel like I’m thriving again, not just surviving, I'm getting out every day and starting to plan adventures.” …….Susan L


"Sharon is like a Phoenix, who rises from the ashes of  adversity and thrives for another life adventure. She not only does this for  herself but has helped me and countless others do the same. She is a life mentor  extraordinaire. She has abundant big sister energy to share “…...... Jacque Nowell


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Menopause and Growing older... is a roller-coaster ride for most women.

It brings with it a mixed bag of annoying changes (and emotions) that we, as women, are forced to deal with, as we age. Fluctuating weight, unexpected hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog, anxiety and low energy levels are just a few of the hurdles we are forced to endure. If you let it, it can get the better of you. Wear you down. Kill your vibe. But, if you choose to be strong and resilient in the face of it all, you can come out the other side with a new lease on life! They really can be your "golden years"!

Here's to the strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.



Join us in Celebrating 50 years of a Zesty Lifestyle


Zesty Change: Spark Your Natural Weight Loss Journey

Unleash your inner zest and discover a sustainable approach to health and well-being.

At Zesty Change, we believe a zesty life is about more than just a number on the scale. It's about cultivating a holistic connection between your mind, body, and spirit. When these elements are in harmony, you radiate natural energy, confidence, and a zest for life.

We're here to guide you on a colorful journey of self-discovery, reigniting your passion for a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Here's what you'll find at Zesty Change:

  • Natural Weight Management: Learn about sustainable weight loss practices that focus on nourishing your body with whole foods, mindful movement, and stress-reduction techniques.
  • Holistic Wellness: We explore the connection between physical health, mental well-being, and emotional balance.
  • Empowering Self-Discovery: We'll guide you on a path of self-love and acceptance, building a positive relationship with food and your body.
  • A Zestful Life: Discover how to integrate healthy habits seamlessly into your life, making room for fun, travel, and adventure.

Let's ditch the restrictive diets and embrace a lifestyle that fuels your inner zest.

Join us and:

  • Spark your natural weight loss journey
  • Embrace a holistic approach to well-being
  • Live a life filled with vibrant energy and joy
  • Travel the world in style, feeling confident and healthy

Pack your zest for life – every adventure awaits!


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