Ready for a change?

If you want to make a change in your life, how do you know where to start?
It’s easy to identify that you’re unhappy, but it isn’t as simple to figure out what’s wrong. You might have bits and pieces of things that you know are contributing to your unhappiness, but you don’t know how to begin to address them.
One of the ways that I like to evaluate where life changes need to happen is to take what I call a Zest Assessment. I look at the eight areas of life and identify if any of them are out of balance, and then take steps to change them.

Today I’d like to share those eight areas of life with you, so you can ask yourself which ones are most out of balance. 
  1. Home environment - Are you happy where you live? Does your space bring you joy?
  2. Career - Does your job fulfill you? Do you get along with your coworkers?
  3. Money - Are you happy with your income? Do you feel like you should be earning more?
  4. Health - Are you in pain? Do you spend more days feeling good than bad?
  5. Friends and family - Do you have close friends and family in your life? Are you regularly seeing or reaching out to them?
  6. Significant other - Are you happy and fulfilled in your current relationship? Are you recently divorced and need to heal from your ex? Are you single and looking for companionship?
  7. Personal growth - Do you have goals or a bucket list for yourself? Are you happy with who you are on the inside and out?
  8. Fun and leisure - What activities do you do that are just for fun? How do you relax? Do you get out of the house at least a few times a week?
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