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Author and Speaker, Sharon North Pohl - Rolls Past Retirement into a Revitalized Life at 73!

Sharon Is a sassy woman in her seventies who loves to wear bright, exotic clothing, sharing stories of traveling around the world.

Her Aha moment came after visiting old friends and found them in a period of decline not living the life of their life of their dreams.

She made the decision, at that point, to help other women learn to live a revitalized life like, she has been doing, in the autumn of their lives.

Sharon says she, “created Zesty Change for the purpose of providing support & promoting awareness for women going past menopause, to embrace the process, and thrive through it to discover what living large looks like for them.“

Sharon is an expert mentor who is passionate about guiding women out of the midlife decline, helping them on the path to rewilding their zesty lives; manage weight gain and thrive with more vitality, passion and purpose.

Attention women who need this! Are you?:

β˜… Stuck in an abusive relationship ?

Dealing with grief ?

β˜… Enduring break-ups ?

Looking for inspiration ?

β˜… In the adoption triangle ?

Struggling with grief ?

β˜… Trying to forgive ?

Challenged with loss ?

β˜… Feeling alone ?

Seeking connection ?

What others saying about 'Zesty Changes'...

Super book! Very uplifting and readable! Bringing a series of real-life, epic tales from peoples whose lives have rebounded after they have had enormous challenges and disappointments. Stories of regular people persevering, dragging themselves back from the brink. So diverse, so many different learning from people knocked down, and fighting back and up! One step, one day at a time. Insights to enlighten and enliven. Read it!


Lesley Pickford


This book is very intense. It covers so many issues that I have faced in my life and yet as I read each story I gained some strength and better understanding of my self. The author has done a fantastic job of collecting and sharing a diverse group of stories about women who have moved forward beyond their challenges. I find it truly inspiring.


Peggy Alexander

Reading Sharon's book has helped me in staying, healthy, centered and grounded in an incredibly stressful time.
Jane Brown

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for inspiration on how to create beauty out of the hardships they’ve faced.
Danielle D.

Strong women facing life changing challenges
So touching So raw, so inspiring
Valerie G


I can't wait to be able to buy this book for a few people I know who could greatly benefit by the clarity or path to take when life gives you a challenge or oops!! Great to be used to coach that person on when the going gets tough, which it always does! Thanks for compiling such inspiration and insight from your little summary after each share!


Jacquie Nowell

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