Zesty Changes Release Date is Here!

Have you heard? My book, Zesty Changes, releases next Tuesday, March 14th!
Zesty Changes has been a labor of love. It’s taken me three years to put together as I interviewed women around the world and invited them to share their unique stories. 
While the stories in the book start with the lowest points of their lives, what’s most important is the one feature they all share: the power of hope. 
Hope is transformative. It’s what leads us out of the dark and into the light. When we’re looking for all the ways to better ourselves, whether that’s our mental, emotional, or physical wellbeing, hope is the driving force. We want things to get better, and we believe we can get to that place of joy and peace!
But hope isn’t always easy to find. I’ve felt lost and hopeless at different points in my life (which I share in-depth in the book) but I’ve always been able to find my way to a happier, zestier way of living. 
Here are 7 things that helped me find and hold onto hope at the lowest points of my life:
  1. Realize that you are not alone. Connect with loving friends and family and enlist their hope for you.
  2. Write a gratitude list every day. 
  3. Find something that you feel happy about and can celebrate, no matter how small.
  4. Meditate, or pray, or both. Believe in spiritual guidance.
  5. Remember a dark time you passed through before and how you came out the other side.
  6. Get Up with hope. Get Dressed like you still care. Get Out - go into nature and notice what's beautiful.
  7. Focus on your big “why.” The reasons to keep going: family, friends, passion projects, your legacy, your unfinished bucket list.  
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🌟 Reduce anxiety and loneliness and release negative emotions
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