Heartbreak can put us into a state of terrible anger, loneliness, and depression.

lifestyle Feb 26, 2023
As it’s heart month, I want to talk about a specific type of pain and trauma…heartbreak. 
Did you know 50% of marriages fail after the age of 50? This means that if you’ve broken up with a partner or spouse, you’re not alone. I've been through two divorces. The last one took 9 grueling years to complete. I know your pain!
Heartbreak weighs us down. It can put us into a state of terrible anger, loneliness, and depression.

I’ve experienced several different types of heartbreak in my life, including giving up my daughter for adoption. All of these incidents required great healing.

In order to heal and process, you need to surround yourself with people who love you and care for you. Talking through your heartache and pain is the most healing thing you can do. It's so easy to feel alone in times of hardship. Take the time to reach out to people and fill them in on what's going on with you.
Here's moving prose about healing your pain:
“Grandma, how do you cope with pain?”
“With your hands, honey. If you do it with your mind instead of relieving the pain, it toughens even harder.”
“With your hands grandma?”
“Yes, our hands are the antennae of our soul. If you move them; knitting, cooking, painting, playing or sinking them into the ground, you send care signs to the deepest part of you and your soul lights up because you’re paying attention to it. Then signs of pain will no longer be necessary.”
“Hands are really that important?”
“Yes, my daughter. Think of babies: they start to know the world through the touch of their hands. If you look at the hands of old people, they tell you more about their life than any body part. Everything that is done by hand is said to be done with the heart. Because it’s really like this: hands and heart are connected. Masseurs know well: when they touch someone with their hands, they create a deep connection. It is precisely from this connection that healing comes. Think of lovers: when they touch their hands, they make love in a more sublime way.”
“My hands grandma.... how long I haven’t used them like this!”
“Move them, my love. Begin to create with them and everything within you will begin to move. The pain will not pass away. And instead what you do with them will become the most beautiful masterpiece and it won’t hurt anymore. Because you have been able to transform its essence.”
~Elena Bernabe 
Here are 7 things to help you heal from heartbreak:
  1. Work with your hands.
  2. Focus on the future and do not dwell on the “what ifs.”
  3. Time will heal you. You will grow stronger by the day even if you don’t feel like it.
  4. Don’t make any big decisions when highly emotional.
  5. Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it.
  6. Know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Pain is temporary
  7. If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life.
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