🌳 Ditch the Treadmill, Embrace the Trees! 🌳

forest bathing Jun 25, 2024

Looking for a weight-loss strategy with a side of serenity? Look no further than Forest Bathing! 🌲✨ This Japanese practice isn't just about soaking up nature's beauty (although that's a definite perk!). Studies suggest it can:

- Reduce stress hormones linked to weight gain ⬇️

- Boost your mood and energy levels, naturally increasing activity ☀️

- Improve sleep quality, leading to better hormone regulation for weight management 🌙


Forget the gym – Botanical gardens offer a magical escape! Wander amidst vibrant blooms, breathe in the fresh air, and get your steps in without even realizing it. 🌸🚶‍♂️


Forest bathing and botanical gardens are powerful tools to:

- Manage Weight Up – Naturally boost your metabolism and support healthy weight management. ⚖️

- Level Up Your Health – Reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase energy levels. 🌿💪

- Increase Joy – Immerse yourself in nature's beauty and feel your mood soar. 😊

- Zest Up Your Life – Rediscover the simple pleasures and embrace a more vibrant you! 🌼🌞


Ready to trade the treadmill for a tranquil walk in the woods? Lace up your shoes, find your local botanical garden, and let nature work its magic!

Botanical gardens can be found in cities all over the world, making them accessible destinations for many people. Here are a few notable examples:

Here's a list of all the gardens we have shared with you.

You can scroll through the Zesty Change FB page’s past posts to see these gardens;

Selby Botanical Gardens FL

BOK Tower &  Gardens Florida

Florida Botanical Garden Florida

Harry P Leu Gardens, Florida

Sunken Gardens Fl

Flamingo Gardens Fl

Mead Gardens Fl

Sonoma Gardens CA

Golden Gate  Park Arboretum SF, CA

Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden, SF, CA

Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden SF, CA

Fiolie Gardens, Woodside , CA

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden, St Thomas USVI

Plantation Crown & Hawk Botanical Garden, St Thomas USVI

St George Village Botanical Gardens St Croix USVI

Liliʻuokalani Gardens Hilo Hawaii

Hawai‘i Tropical Botanical

papakihkko, Hawaii

Forest Bathing: A Natural Path to Weight Loss 

Forest bathing, or "shinrin-yoku," is a Japanese practice that involves immersing oneself in nature. The term was coined in the 1980s by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries to describe the process of "taking in the forest atmosphere." This practice is now a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

The Science Behind Forest Bathing 

Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of forest bathing, particularly its impact on stress reduction. Chronic stress is a significant contributor to weight gain and obesity. When we're stressed, our bodies produce cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite and encourages fat storage, particularly around the abdomen. By reducing stress levels, forest bathing can help mitigate these effects.

Stress Reduction 

A study conducted by Qing Li, a leading expert in forest medicine, found that participants who spent time in the forest had significantly lower levels of cortisol compared to those who spent time in an urban environment. Lower cortisol levels can lead to a reduction in stress-induced weight gain.

Mood Enhancement 

Forest bathing also boosts mood and energy levels. Natural environments have been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and to improve overall well-being. When you're in a better mood and have more energy, you're more likely to engage in physical activity, which is crucial for weight management.

Improved Sleep 

Good sleep is essential for weight management. Poor sleep can disrupt hormones that regulate appetite, leading to increased hunger and calorie intake. Forest bathing has been linked to improved sleep quality, likely due to its stress-reducing effects. Better sleep leads to better hormone regulation and supports weight loss efforts.

See Infographics on Forest Bathing 

Botanical Gardens: A Delightful Way to Get Your Steps In 

Botanical gardens are often overlooked as places for physical activity, but they offer a unique and enjoyable way to get moving. These gardens are not just collections of plants; they are living museums that educate visitors about the natural world. Walking through a botanical garden can be a gentle yet effective way to increase your daily step count and improve your overall health.

The Benefits of Walking in Botanical Gardens

Natural Beauty 

Botanical gardens are meticulously designed to showcase the beauty of nature. Walking through these gardens can be a sensory delight, with vibrant colors, diverse plant species, and intricate landscaping. The aesthetic appeal can make the experience of walking feel less like exercise and more like a pleasurable outing.

Fresh Air 

Spending time outdoors in fresh air can have numerous health benefits. Fresh air is invigorating and can improve lung function, increase energy levels, and enhance mental clarity. The clean, oxygen-rich air in botanical gardens is a refreshing change from the often polluted air of urban environments.

Educational Experience 

Many botanical gardens offer educational programs, guided tours, and informational plaques about the plants and ecosystems on display. This can add an element of learning to your walk, making it both physically and intellectually stimulating.

Notable Botanical Gardens Around the World

Making Botanical Gardens a Bucket List Adventure 

Visiting botanical gardens can be more than just a casual outing; it can be a fulfilling bucket list adventure. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your botanical garden visits:

Plan Ahead

Research botanical gardens in your area or in places you plan to visit. Look for special events, seasonal displays, or guided tours that might enhance your experience. Many gardens have websites with detailed information on what they offer.

Set Goals

Challenge yourself to visit a certain number of botanical gardens each year. You can create a list of must-see gardens and check them off as you visit. This can add a sense of accomplishment and purpose to your visits. 

Document Your Visits

Take photos and keep a journal of your botanical garden adventures. Documenting your experiences can help you remember the beauty you encountered and the joy you felt. It can also inspire others to explore these natural sanctuaries.

Involve Others

Invite friends or family to join you on your botanical garden excursions. Sharing the experience with others can make it more enjoyable and create lasting memories. It can also be a great way to introduce loved ones to the benefits of nature immersion.

Conclusion: Embrace the Tranquility and Transform Your Health

Trading the treadmill for tranquil walks in the woods and botanical gardens can be a transformative experience. Forest bathing offers a holistic approach to weight loss and overall well-being by reducing stress, enhancing mood, and improving sleep. By immersing yourself in nature, you allow your body to reset and rejuvenate, creating a harmonious balance between mind and body. This balance is crucial for sustainable weight management and long-term health benefits. The sensory experiences of forest bathing – the rustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, the fresh forest air – work together to create a meditative state that can significantly lower stress levels and improve mental clarity. This peaceful state encourages mindfulness, helping you to be more present and attuned to your body's needs.

Botanical gardens provide a beautiful and engaging environment for physical activity, making exercise feel like a delightful adventure. Walking amidst the vibrant blooms and lush greenery can turn a mundane workout into an inspiring journey. These gardens often feature diverse landscapes, from manicured flower beds to wild, naturalistic areas, offering varied terrain that can enhance your walking routine. Moreover, many botanical gardens host seasonal events, educational workshops, and wellness programs that can add layers of enrichment to your visits. Whether you're discovering a rare plant species or participating in a guided nature walk, each visit can be a unique experience that contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

By embracing these natural sanctuaries, you can manage your weight, boost your health, and increase your joy. So, lace up your shoes, find your local botanical garden, and let nature work its magic! 🌿✨
The combination of physical activity, natural beauty, and mental relaxation creates a powerful trifecta that can enhance every aspect of your life. Each step you take in these serene environments brings you closer to a healthier, happier you. So, take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature. Let the trees, flowers, and fresh air guide you on a path to wellness and serenity.

5 steps to Forest Bathing

  1. Find a Nature Spot. The ideal location is a forest, but you can also practice forest bathing in any area with trees and nature. A local park, nature preserve, or even your backyard can work!

  2. Disconnect to Reconnect. Put away your phone and any other devices that might distract you. Forest bathing is about immersing yourself in the present moment and connecting with nature.
  4. Engage Your Senses. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the forest around you. Notice the sunlight filtering through the leaves, the sound of birds singing, the smell of pine needles, and the feel of the soft earth beneath your feet.

  5. Slow Down and Be Present. Forest bathing is not about hiking to a destination. It's about taking your time and savoring the experience. Walk slowly, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to be present in the moment.
  6. Reflect and Take it In. After your forest bathing experience, take some time to reflect on how you feel. What did you see, hear, smell, and feel? How do you feel different from before you went into the forest?


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