Get Dressed with Less Stress

The clothes you wear directly impact your mental health as a woman over 50. 


Why? Because when you hit your menopausal and postmenopausal years, you’re going through a life change that affects your body and mind. To love the body you’re in, even as it changes, you want to choose clothes that compliment you and make you feel good!


We’re often told that at a certain age, we’re supposed to wear dull, conservative clothing. But women of all ages are allowed to embrace all sorts of clothing.

Here are six empowering tips regarding clothing for you:

  1. Dress for your body and style: Every woman has a unique body shape and personal style. By dressing in clothes that flatter your body type and reflect your personality, you can feel more confident and empowered.
  2. Invest in quality pieces: Investing in well-made, timeless pieces can help you build a versatile wardrobe that you can feel confident and comfortable in. This can include classic pieces such as blazers, tailored pants, and quality denim.
  3. Experiment with color and patterns: As we age, we may feel pressure to stick to neutral or muted colors. However, experimenting with bold colors and patterns can bring energy and vibrancy to your wardrobe and make you feel more confident and expressive.
  4. Accessorize thoughtfully: Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and hats can elevate an outfit and add personality. Choose accessories that reflect your personal style and enhance your outfit rather than overpowering it.
  5. Prioritize comfort: Comfortable clothing can improve confidence and overall well-being. It’s important to choose fabrics that feel good against your skin and to prioritize comfort without sacrificing style.
  6. Embrace personal style evolution: Personal style naturally evolves over time, and you should feel empowered to embrace changes in your fashion sense. Try new styles and trends while staying true to your personal style and comfort level.

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