Break the anger cycle.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of anger, I hope this will help you on the path to healing.

I found myself boiling with anger and bitterness after my divorce. It didn’t just affect me, but also the people around me. I noticed that less people wanted to talk to me or be around me because all I could do was express my resentment about my ex. This was my wake up call that I needed to learn how to release these negative feelings.

Anger isn’t meant to weigh you down, but to teach you that someone has violated a boundary. From there, it’s up to you to acknowledge it and manage your emotions, not let them eat at you. Not releasing anger can also damage your heart!

You might hold anger for someone who has wronged you, whether that be a previous spouse, friend, or family member. Here are 5 ways you can break the anger cycle:

1. Take deep breaths. This is a physical reaction that signals the brain that you’re safe and helps you calm down.

2. Take a time out. If something is bothering you, remove yourself from the situation. Go to another room or take a walk to cool down.

3. Channel your emotions in a new way. Write them down, punch a pillow, or draw how you’re feeling.

4. Choose to smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Soon you’ll find yourself happier and your anger receding.

5. Find a way to forgive. Forgiveness is for YOU, so you can live a better life and release what hurt you.


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