Don't let negative feelings weigh you down.

weight loss Jan 20, 2023
Forgiveness isn’t an easy topic, especially if you’ve found yourself stuck in a cycle of anger and resentment. 
I had to learn how to forgive people many times in my life, including my daughter’s biological father and exes who hurt me. It’s led to a life full of freedom and zest, where I am no longer weighed down by those negative feelings. 
Here are 5 tips to help you forgive someone who has caused you pain.

1. When finding forgiveness for exes, remember you share experiences that shaped your lives. List some good things from the relationship, think of 'the good Karma break up'. 
2. If you are really angry go to a remote spot and growl, scream, throw sticks, do whatever it takes to let it out.
3. Keep yourself active, work out, do yoga, walk, get up, get dressed, and get out. 
Keep your self-care more important than your self-pity.
4. Don't keep taking the poison of victim hood. It isn't hurting him, it's killing you.
Find some way you can take some responsibility for the demise.
5. Find happiness in your newfound freedom. Leave the contentious episodes behind you; replace them with a newfound connection to something you love: a craft, a sport, a place to travel to, a friend. 
My upcoming book, Zesty Changes, will contain powerful stories of forgiveness that come from seemingly unforgivable circumstances. They’ll help you find it in yourself to release the emotions that have held you back from experiencing the joyful life ahead of you.
I’ll be sharing more tips and lessons from the book with you in upcoming weeks. 
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