Happy 2024 Here's 8 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2024

New -Year -New-You 

My focus this year is holistic, natural weight management..Ditch the diets and make simple, small sustainable  changes. I'll be launching a 13 week program to help with this goal. Stay tuned.I’ll be offering it soon with lots of great bonuses to you ladies on my list and reading my blog. 


You don’t need to starve yourself in order to lose weight! In fact, using these simple techniques, you can easily cut calories every day... without feeling deprived!


  1.   Identify-your -daily -eating- routine. Many days we eat on a schedule – one we aren’t even aware of! Take an inventory of what you eat and when you eat for 5 days. Use a journal or food diary to keep track.


  1.   Make-subtle-diet- changes to  start. When you’re making a lifestyle change, it can’t be done quickly or all at once. Accept and be aware that you’ll be making this lifestyle change over an extended period of time. One way is to make subtle changes every week. For example, instead of having three eggs for breakfast, have two. Instead of eating full fat bacon, switch over to turkey bacon.


  1.   Make-a list-when shopping- for groceries. Believe it or not, when we shop without a list, we’re more prone to just grab things off the shelves that look and sound tasty. However, when we shop with a list, our impulse shopping is drastically reduced.


  1.   Read- food- labels. Sometimes we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves by reading food labels while in the store. However, every processed food product has its label available online for easy viewing. Better still, simply go to your pantry and read some labels! You’re looking for calorie content, sodium content, and sugar content specifically. Also ensure you’re aware of what constitutes a serving.


  1.   Eat-more-fresh-foods. Processed foods, by their nature, are far less healthy and contain many more calories than fresh foods. Sometimes it comes down to a choice: do you want to consume 100 calories of your favorite fresh fruit (about 1 large apple, or 200 grams) or do you want to eat one chocolate chip cookie (78 grams)? You can get twice as much food in a fresh fruit.


  1.   Find-alternatives-foods . Let’s say that you know, even though you want to lose weight, you can’t give up pizza. You can still eat it – just change your pizza choice. Rather than having a deep dish, thick crust meat lovers pizza (loaded with calorie-laden carbs, soaring sodium, and lots of fatty oils), change to a thin crust pizza with just cheese or all veggies.


  1.   Drop the pop. Carbonated sodas and other high sugar drinks are empty calories. Some people choose diet drinks, but the artificial sweeteners in those drinks can cause health issues (headaches, primarily). Just drink water! If you’re a caffeine addict, you can still drink coffee – just not high calorie lattes, iced coffees, or frappes.  


  1.   Limit -alcohol -intake. While many of us enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, both are high in calories. You don’t need to abstain altogether. Simply drink less.

By making these simple changes every day, you can cut a surprising number of calories. When pairing these activities with a suitable exercise plan, you can easily get your body to a place of health and vitality.

I'm eith you all the way..let's focus on our health this year !


Your number 1 fan ,

Coach Sharon North Pohl


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