Get Ready for the 12 days of Festive Fun! 🎄🎁

mindset Dec 12, 2023

I hope this email finds you in high holiday spirits! With the countdown to Christmas officially underway, let's dive into the hilariously modern and slightly bizarre rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas for 2023. Get ready for a jolly ride filled with funny gifts and plenty of laughter!


On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...


Day 1: A virtual reality headset, perfect for escaping reality and diving into a world of wonder.


Day 2: Two smart socks that monitor your daily steps and give encouraging foot massages when you reach your goals. ‍


Day 3: Three inflatable duck decoys for your pond, because who needs a partridge in a pear tree when you can have a  wild bird attracting duck trio?


Day 4: Four singing toasters that serenade you with your favorite tunes while making the perfect toast.


Day 5: Five self-stirring mugs to  whip up a froth and save you from the endless stirring of your morning coffee.


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