Supercharge-Your-Walks-& Shed-Pounds-with-Rucking (No-Gym-Required!)

rucking Apr 30, 2024

Hey amazing ladies!

We all know walking is fantastic for our health. It gets our hearts pumping, clears our heads, and is a fantastic way to stay active. But what if I told you there's a way to take your walks to the next level and boost your fat-burning potential? Enter rucking – your new secret weapon for weight loss and a stronger you!


Imagine your daily walk, but with a weighted backpack (a.k.a. ruck) adding some extra challenge. Rucking is basically a walk with a weight vest or backpack filled with water bottles, books, or anything that adds some heft. It's inspired by military training, where soldiers carry heavy packs for long distances. But guess what? You don't need to be a soldier to reap the amazing benefits!


Here's the exciting part: studies show that rucking can help you burn up to 14% more body fat compared to regular walking! That's right, ladies, adding a little weight to your walk can seriously rev up your calorie...

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