Five motivators so you can live a happier, healthier, and more zesty life

When motivation fails, what reasons do you have to get up and change your life for the better?


So many times as women, we’ve spent years taking care of other people. Our kids, spouse, parents, co-workers, you name it have all needed us in some capacity. Many of us learned how to push our needs aside to focus on others. 


Now that you’re over 50, I have to ask you…if you don’t put yourself now, when will you do it? 


Sometimes we need help identifying motivators to get us to take charge of our lives and start living for ourselves because we’re so used to telling ourselves no. 


Today I’m sharing my Big Sister love with you and giving you five motivators to make change so you can live a happier, healthier, and more zesty life.  


  1. Grandkids. So many of us have dreamed of becoming grandmas, so we have to make sure we can show up with as much energy as we can to enjoy our time with them. 
  2. ...
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Get Dressed with Less Stress

The clothes you wear directly impact your mental health as a woman over 50. 


Why? Because when you hit your menopausal and postmenopausal years, you’re going through a life change that affects your body and mind. To love the body you’re in, even as it changes, you want to choose clothes that compliment you and make you feel good!


We’re often told that at a certain age, we’re supposed to wear dull, conservative clothing. But women of all ages are allowed to embrace all sorts of clothing.

Here are six empowering tips regarding clothing for you:

  1. Dress for your body and style: Every woman has a unique body shape and personal style. By dressing in clothes that flatter your body type and reflect your personality, you can feel more confident and empowered.
  2. Invest in quality pieces: Investing in well-made, timeless pieces can help you build a versatile wardrobe that you can feel confident and comfortable in. This can include classic pieces such as...
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Improve your happiness and health by taking action!

You know you have changes to make in order to live a happy, healthy life, so why is it so hard to get started?


The biggest challenge that stands in the way of us making choices that are better for us is…ourselves!


After 50, it’s common for women to stop feeling motivated. Changes in our body mean that we’re low on energy, and we get distracted by stressors and responsibilities that life throws at us.


But that’s no reason to neglect your health! It’s true that health is wealth, and without it you won’t be able to make memories, hit your goals, or have fun, amazing adventures with your friends and family. In the best years of your life, you should be able to feel good inside and out. 


Here are some tips to take you from thinking about improving your happiness and health to taking action:


  1. Seek advice from an expert. You might not know where to start or are unsure how to stay consistent. That’s where an...
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Join me for my 3x More Energy Challenge

Are you ready to…


Get Up with More Energy

Get Dressed with Less Stress

Get Out Without Anxiety


As a coach for mature women who want to infuse their lives with more zest and vitality, I love teaching you how to add more fun to the best years of your life and heal from all the things holding you back from a better way of living. 


Which is why I’m holding a three day FREE challenge to teach you everything you need to fall back in love with yourself and everything life has to offer. 


Join me on June 6th, 7th, and 8th for the 3x Energy Challenge.


I’ve got a lot of fun planned in these coming weeks. You’ll be able to watch me LIVE or catch the recordings in my Facebook Community, Zesty Women 50, 60, 70+.

Click here to request to join the community. The fun is starting now!


Join Me for a LIVE Discussion


I’ll also be going live at 6 PM PST for even more bonus content as a thank you for being a part...

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Dream it, achieve it!

Let’s talk about your bucket list. What’s on it?

You may have dreams of traveling around the world, or spending more time with friends, or taking a yearly vacation with your family.

The issue with bucket lists is a lot of people write them out and then don’t use them!

A bucket list isn’t meant to be all of the things you think you can never do, but an outline of what you want so you can take action to hit your goals. 

Aging gracefully is about embracing life and all the experiences it has to offer. As a woman over 50, you have the wisdom, experience, and freedom to make the most of your life. Completing your bucket list is an essential part of living your life to the fullest. Here are some compelling reasons why you should tackle your bucket list now:

  1. Personal growth
  2. Fulfilling long-held dreams
  3. Discovering new passions
  4. Creating Lasting Memories
  5. Improved health and wellbeing
  6. Inspiring family and friends


Want to Learn More?

Join me for a FREE...

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Stay hydrated, lose weight.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s not just about your diet and exercise. 


People often forget one of the key parts of keeping your body healthy…water!

Staying hydrated with at least eight glasses of water a day is an important factor to weight loss and your overall health. It cleanses your body of impurities, boosts your metabolism, and makes exercise easier. You also need water in order to burn fat. 


Here all the ways staying hydrated can help you:

  1.  Elevates your mood 
  2.  Good for your heart
  3.  Increases skin elasticity 
  4.  Lubricates your eyes
  5.  Helps build muscle 
  6.  Greases your joints
  7.  Boosts your metabolism


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You can find this...

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Eliminate Packaging Stress

Picture this. You wake up in the morning with the sun shining through your window. You get up for the day, give a big stretch, and then head on over to your closet or dresser to pick out clothes for the day. When you look inside, how does that make you feel?

Are you excited by the options there? Or does the idea of getting dressed make you want to stay in your pajamas all day?

There’s a secret to a good wardrobe, and it’s that having clothes that make you feel like YOU, in turn, make you feel more alive. They’re mood boosters that can affect your outlook on life and influence your entire day. 

After menopause and all your body changes, looking in the closet might be intimidating and stressful. You might not like how your clothes fit, or they may no longer represent who you are as a person. If you want to feel good on the inside, you have to like the way you look on the outside. So let’s calm your wardrobe fears.

Here are some tips to help you get dressed...

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Feeling sleepy?

Where before you could fly through your to-do list and still have the evening to do the things you love…you might feel like you’re ready to go to bed halfway through the day.
Hormones play a big role in our energy, and as they shift and change during menopause, women often feel more fatigued. But this doesn’t mean you’ve lost all the pep in your step!
Let’s get your energy back up. Below are tips to help you reignite your energy and give you a boost, so you can keep doing what you love and then some.
  1. Go to bed and get up around the same time each day with natural light.
  2. Have a morning routine and stick to it. Try journaling, meditating, and practicing gratitude affirmations.
  3. Do 5 minutes of exercise, 5 different exercises and cycle through them once daily.
  4. Drink lots of water. Start the day with a big glass of warm lemon water. A 150 lb woman needs 100 oz of water daily.
  5. Eat 5 small meals and include plenty of protein.
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Wanting to share your story and build shame resistance? Here's some steps to do so.

"One day you will tell your story of how you overcame and what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide." - Brene Brown
This quote from Brene Brown has empowered me as I follow my personal journey of uplifting and helping women heal from their pasts. I admire her work as a PhD psychologist and her studies of shame in human behavior for the past decade. 
Research has shown that we frequently deal with shame in three unhealthy ways:
  • We distance ourselves from other people by hiding our true selves, withdrawing from our relationships, and keeping secrets.
  • We try to please those around us so that we can “earn back” our worthiness. 
  • We feel depressed and anxious. Shame can be a contributing factor to depression, anxiety, and codependency. 
Often our personal stories are kept in the dark to hide the shame or fear of being judged. Shame can be a devastating emotion that leads to depression and can lead to...
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Is it time to revitalize your life?

It takes a lot of strength to realize that you need to make changes for yourself to live healthier and happier. But how can you tell the difference between a rough patch and a need to revitalize your life?
We all go through periods of darkness. Ups and downs are a natural part of life, and in your mature years you’ve had your fair share of them.

Because you’re used to this, it makes it easy to tell yourself things will get better one day, when what you REALLY need to do is put in the work to make sure you can find the light on the other side. Not everything changes on its own! Are you finding this time has left you feeling a bit disconnected? Is it time to find more self-love? Is it time to find some help to guide you in rewilding your life? 
Here are 6 signs that you’re in need of a change.
  1. You feel self-critical. 
  2. You don't honor your achievements.
  3. You are having difficulty creating a routine of self-care. 
  4. You feel anxious and...
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